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Lakewood Forestry offers same-day stump grinding services to residents of Jackson, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties

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What Is A Stump Grinder?

Our trusted tree-care specialist are here to educate you on whether stump grinding is the best choice for you.

A stump grinder is a very powerful machine that looks (depending on the model and size) like a circular saw and a lawnmower mixed together. It is designed to roll up to a stump and grind it into small mulch like pieces. Our grinder chips/chews away at the tree stump after it’s been left by a tree removal Plymouth MI company. Our operator will direct the blade at the entire tree stump and turn it into mulch, which will take the stump down to below ground level.

Have you been staring at an ugly tree stump in your yard for quite some time? Let us remove the eye soar from your sight by offering our professional stump grinding service Plymouth MI residents can count on for quality. We will come out and evaluate the stump conditions first to be sure we can effectively and safely complete the job. Powerful tree stump removal Plymouth MI can rely on is designed to grind the stump into mulch that can easily be used in your garden or flower beds. By chewing away at the stump of wood from a leftover tree that’s been taking away from the natural beauty of your outdoor space, we can make this possible. This process will take your stump well below ground level. 

We feel it’s important to educate our customers that stump grinding is not the same as stump removal. Stump removal is done by a large excavating machine that yanks and pulls the stump out of the ground leaving large holes. This process typically leaves a much larger impact on your outdoor space which can be much harder to clean up and can cost quite a bit more money. We are happy to help you save on the cost by effectively removing your tree stump. If a tree service company happens to leave evidence of a tree stump behind, we’ve got you covered. 

If you find the need to have a stump removed, call us first so we can provide guidance on the best options for your specific situation. Cost concerns are common among homeowners and they are often shocked when they see the low price compared to other removal services. Our crew is well equipt to handle the smallest to even the largest tree stumps and is ready to take on your project today.

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Can I Rent A Stump Grinder?

The stump grinders that are available to rent by homeowners are smaller and less powerful than a machine used by a professional stump grinding company. Hiring a trained tree-care specialist is well worth it when it comes to the high possibility of personal injury. Not only do we use heavy-duty equipment, our operators need protective equipment to ensure they are protected from flying debris and noise. Not only can you be hit by flying wood pieces, you never know what can be hiding within or around the stump – which can include things like piping, bricks, nails, glass old fence posts, underground electrical, and more! 

Not only are you protecting yourself from accidental damage when hiring a pro. Professional arborists and tree-grinding companies also carry insurance against damage that may occur to your property from the grinding of a stump. Anyone attempting to do DIYs should highly consider these things before damaging their own or a neighboring property.


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Serving Jackson, Livingston and Washtenaw Counties as well as close surrounding areas.

Lakewood Forestry has been grinding, removing, and offering full tree-care services for over 30 years. With that much experience and knowledge backing us up, we are sure to provide a job well done to any homeowner or business looking to have tree stump grinding Plymouth MI. We now specifically offer stump grinding services only. This allows us to efficiently get to you often within 1-2 days. Our company has been a trusted resource for 3 decades and we take the quality of our work and professionalism seriously.

An amateur stump grinding company can create nightmare experiences. Get with a professional first, and have the job done right from the start. Our company stands by our work and takes customer satisfaction seriously. If you’re not happy, neither are we. Stump grinding is a fast process that can pose its own risks. It’s not something that you should attempt on your own without the proper experience and safety protocols in place.

Take the workload off yourself and count on Lakewood for all of your stump grinding needs. Between the cost of renting a grinder to the time it will take you to use this less than adequate machine to do it yourself, you’ll likely decide it’s just not worth the effort to go at it alone. From large to small, we grind them all! Speak with our friendly team today to get started.

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Our crew is ready to take action on even the most disturbing tree stumps. Get your yard back today!

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Tree-removers cannot cut down a tree without leaving a stump. It’s not a must that a tree stump is removed. It’s your choice. However, most people prefer it due to the appearance of the leftover stump, especially if the appeal of their yard is important to them. Considering that grinding a stump chews down the wood below ground level, you can remove the hassle of keeping up with the associated chores that go along with keeping the stump intact.

There may be situations where stump grinding isn’t the best option for you, or just simply isn’t possible to complete. Some of the situations include but are not limited to the following; Buildings or structures too close to the stump, other trees that are too close to the stump, stumps that are surrounded by hardscapes or concrete, and trees that are hard to reach such as dense woods, etc that make it hard or impossible for the equipment to reach. If you’re planning on doing this yourself without hiring a pro, you should consider all of these potential difficulties before moving forward.

If you’re searching for other methods of removing your yard’s eye soar, I’m sure you’ll come across some methods online. Small tools could work for very small stumps, such as shovels or axes. Chemicals are often a common recommendation as well but can pose their own risk. If you decide to use chemicals to remove the tree stump, you should consider whether you have any children or pets who frequent the area. As you will need to keep them away from it for some time to ensure their safety. Also, chemicals can harm other plants and wildlife that live in the area.

Another question you may have is whether or not you can use the space to build on after the stump has been ground. Trees are going to decompose over time and could cause potential issues down the road with caving or sinking if you chose to build over the top of the area. This can cause a lot of headaches and frustration especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on building a structure. Save yourself the headache and get the guidance needed to decide for yourself what’s right for your needs.

If you’re considering stump removal give us a call first. We will give you the rundown on everything you should expect from start to finish. That way we can educate you on the process and let you decide if stump grinding is right for you. Stump grinding is typically a process that only takes up to a couple of hours max. You’ll even likely be shocked at how affordable it is!