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Professional Stump Grinding Services

About Lakewood Forestry

Lakewood Forestry has been grinding, removing, and offering full tree-care services for over 30 years. With that much experience and knowledge backing us up, we are sure to provide a job well done to any homeowner or business looking to have a tree stump ground. We now specifically offer stump grinding services only. This allows us to efficiently get to you within 1-2 days. Our company has been a trusted resource for 3 decades and we take the quality of our work and professionalism seriously.

An amateur stump grinding company can create nightmare experiences. Get with a professional first, and have the job done right from the start. Our company stands by our work and takes customer satisfaction seriously. If you’re not happy, neither are we. Stump grinding is a fast process that can pose its own risks. It’s not something that you should attempt on your own without the proper experience and safety protocols in place.

Take the workload off yourself and count on Lakewood for all of your stump grinding needs. Between the cost of renting a grinder to the time it will take you to use this less than adequate machine to do it yourself, you’ll likely decide it’s just not worth the effort to go at it alone. From large to small, we grind them all! Speak with our friendly team today to get started.